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Salzburg, Tirol & even Italy on one day

This tour is long - only for extreme motorbikers

Over 550 kilometers, about 11 hours. 5 alpine passes, two states, three countries. One of the best motorcycle tours, you can find in the alpine area. Everything is combined in one trip. Two states, three countries and the best of all. THAT is our extreme motorcycle tour for real motorbike freaks, who want to have the most motorbike fun of all times.

The way through three countries

You better start early - only the early bird will make this loop in one day. From Fusch you ride over Mittersill and over the first pass, the Pass Thurn into Tirol and Kitzbühel. Over the Brixen valley you reach Wörgl. If you want to do the trip in one day, you better get yourself an Austrian highway sticker. Only if you take the Inntal-Highway between Wörgl and the Ötztal-exit, you will make it in one day.

Into the Ötztal

You pass the city of Innsbruck and get to Telfs and after that you take the exit near Haiming into the Ötztal. You cruise through the alpine valley and pass Sölden, Obergurgl and Hochgurgl and finally climb to the famous Timmelsjoch. 49 kilometers, 44 turns, 2.509 m above sealevel. Pure fun riding - opened from June. The Austrian side is very good. On the Italian side you better be a good rider. Narrow turns and bad road surface need good riding skills. BUT the road to Italy from the Timmelsjoch is closed to busses and trucks with more than 8 tons of weight.

Bella Italia

In the village of St. Leonhard you take the turn to the Jaufenpass, which means the next important alpine road pass is waiting for you. The Jaufenpass connects St. Leonhard with the town of Sterzing, which is the next place on your list. The Jaufenpass is 39 kilometers long, 23 turns, up to a sealevel of 2.099 meters. No winter closure, but it is closed at night. After Sterzing, there is the next fun part waiting for you - the Brennerpass. Over the old Brennerstraße you ride toward Austria again. The Brennerpass is 56 kilometers long.

Back to Austria over the Gerlospass

Shortly after Stainach at the Brenner you ride underneath the famous Europabrücke - the highest highway bridge in Austria. Right before the city of Innsbruck you take the Inntalautobahn A 12 again and follow in direction Munich/Wörgl. You will leave the highway at the exit Zell am Ziller. Now you enter the Zillertal. After the towns of Fügen, Kaltenbach, you will climb the Gerlospass. 38 kilometers, up to a sealevel of 1.630 meters. You have to stop at the huge parking spot on top of the pass - from there you have a fantastic view to the famous Krimmler waterfalls. A short picture and than you follow the B 165 road towards Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße.

Motorcycling tour fact-box

Best Time:
From June. The days get longer and the Timmelsjoch-road is opened
541 km
Vertical meters:
approx. 5.800 m
10 - 11 hours
The best views to the Hohe Tauern and the Ötztaler Alps you can get
Road surface:
All in all good tarmac. The south side of the Timmelsjoch is a bit tricky with worse surface - slow down
Combinations: If the route is too long for one day, you could stay over night Stopps & rest areas:
Beautiful stopps along the way. 5 alpine passes in one route - amazing
Traffic information by the Austrian auto, motorbike and touring club

Important information for your motorcycling trip

  • Take rests and enjoy - it's a long route
  • Don't forget your camera - great pictures
  • Unload your bike - leave the luggage in the hotel
  • Have you checked your bike, bevor you took off?
  • Check tire pressure, tire-wear, oil, brake-fluid, chain
  • Use the Lampenhäusl garage for some random checks and repairs
  • Vary your sitting position during a trip
  • Eat light - a full stomache reduces fun
  • Check weather forecast and traffic information
  • Have fun and return safely to the Hotel Lampenhäusl
TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more
Here is a short TIPP by our motorcycling expert

TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more:

Take your time. The trip is long and if you want to take it easy, you better do it as a two-days-trip. A overnight stay in one of the towns St. Leonhard or Sterzing are especially nice. You will find your personal Italy-holidays-feeling.

Apart from that, there are numerous stops for pictures and breaks. Make sure, your camera has enough batteries. The Hohen Tauern and the Ötztaler Alpen are especially beautiful on this trip. The ride over the famous Brennerstraße is cool and historically interesting.

Whatever you plan or do, make sure you come back to the Hotel Lampenhäusl safely. The sauna is already hot and in the kitchen we prepare delicious meals for you. Even your bike deserves a rest after this long trip. In our Lampenhäusl-garage we offer everything you need, in order to care for your motorcycle.

See you on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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