Mobile home

The “mobile home” of the hotel Lampenhäusl in the region Großglockner-Zellersee right next to the nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

When you turn from the road to the hotel Lampenhäusl you can see it in the middle of the campground. The Lampenhäusl mobile home is one of the attractions of the campground at the Lampenhäusl and it has it’s fixed space. It looks a bit exotic, a little bit of American. No question - the Lampenhäusl mobile home is really cool.

That’s what Sepp Nindl had on his mind, as he bought it a couple of years ago. It seemed to be a really good idea to offer camping to people, who do not have the equipment for camping and who do not want to camp in the first place.

The transport to the hotel Lampenhäusl on the other side was not really easy and unproblematic. Whenever Sepp talks about it, he has this certain smile on his face. For the transportation through the famous “Tauerntunnel” the road had to be closed down. Sepp did not spare any effort in order to offer the great mobile home to his guests - so come and see.

Come and follow for a short trip through the mobile home and check out the facilities. The “building” is spacious and offers 40 square meters of room for up to 6 persons. There is one sleeping room with a double bed and two more sleeping rooms with 2 single beds in each. In the kitchen there is also one more extendable couch. Some more equipment inside the mobile home:

  • Sheets and linens for all beds
  • Hand- and bath towels
  • Storage room
  • Kitchen
  • Bath with shower and sink
  • Extra toilet
  • Cooking corner with electric stove
  • Oven
  • Fridge
  • Dishes for 8 persons
  • SAT-TV
  • Free internet

Come and enjoy unforgettable days in our camp Lampenhäusl. Sit in front of our mobile home and have a great time with family and friends. We also offer parasols and sundbeds. There is also a parking space for your car right in front of the mobile home.

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