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The Lampenhäusl your home on vacation

Admitted the Lampenhäusl was not always a hotel and restaurant.
Perhaps you have already wondered where the name “Lampenhäusl” comes from.
The whole thing goes back to the year 1746. The Lampenhäusl is one of the few witnesses that are still reminiscent of mining in the Fuschertal.

At that time, up to 150 miners were employed in the Fuscher mines - up to 30 so-called “trades”, of which the Rosenberg were best known, tried their luck in the search for gold. Even today, ruins of miners' quarters and so-called mouth holes at heights of up to 3,000 meters on the Brennkogel are evidence of this time. In 1863 the golden age ended due to the ever lower yield and natural events. The “Lampenhäusl” served until 1863 as a repair site and storage place for the miner's lamps, which were of crucial importance for mining. The log building is largely preserved in its originality, the ridge beam still bears the year 1746.

After 1863 it became quiet around the Lampenhäusl until 1950 the brothers Hans and Sebastian Oberreiter bought it renovated and opened it
as a coffee "Parkcafe Lamplhäusl".

The two brothers and their wives led the fortunes of the lamp house for a good 32 years. Thanks to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, which opened in 1935, the number of guests and visitors increased steadily from 1950 onwards, making it possible to expand the business again and again and build it into an inn.

In 1982 Günther Oberreiter took over the business from his father Hans and uncle Sebastian and successfully continued it with his wife Maria. It was
continuously modernized and expanded.

Finally in 2003 Isabella Oberreiter-Nindl unexpectedly got into the situation of taking over the inn. Since 2003 she has been running it together with her husband Josef Nindl and is continuing to expand and modernize the business step by step. The current "3 star superior" Hotel Lampenhäusl is now run by the third generation and looks into the future with great joy and innovation. The next generation is already waiting.

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