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The Lampenhäusl has not always been a hotel. Maybe you’ve already asked yourself where the name “Lampenhäusl”comes from? It goes back to the year 1746, when there was a time full of drilling and mining for gold and silver in the region around Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße.

At this time Fusch was a real hotspot for gold- and silver mining. Up to 150 men worked in the mines throughout the valley. Mines and drilling-sites up to an elevation of 3.000 meters are evidence of the hard work and the difficult conditions those men had to face. The “Lampenhäusl” which means (house of the lamps) was the place, where the men stored, maintained and refilled the mining-lamps.

The mines were used until the late 1800s - gold and silver was spoiled and some natural phenomenons like glacial advance caused the end of the mining and drilling in the valley. In the year 1950 the Lampenhäusl was bought by the brothers Hans and Sebastian Oberreiter, who started running it as a coffee-house.

In the year 1982 the Lampenhäusl was taken by Hans-Günther Oberreiter from his father and uncle and furthermore was handed to his daughter Isabella Oberreiter-Nindl in the year 2004. Isabella and her husband Sepp are currently running the Lampenhäusl as a hotel and they are the reason why you can have a wonderful holiday-time in our region. Isabella and Sepp are your hosts and care for you, your wants and your needs. They constantly look after their hotel, reconstruct, renovate, organize and adjust the building to the fast changing times.

The hotel Lampenhäusl has changed a lot, but if you take a closer look, you still can find the old structure of the former coffee-house. Take a seat on our patio and think back to the old days of the valley of Fusch. Isabella and Sepp are very innovative, but they are conscious about their responsibility for the traditional building they own as the hotel Lampenhäusl.

That is what you will feel in every minute of your vacation in the hotel Lampenhäusl - what are you waiting for?

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