Mountainbiketour Trauner Alm

Medium hard mountainbike tour with great mountain views

What does it mean, a medium mountainbike tour? The tour to the Trauner Alm is for everybody - experts and novices - there are no super hard ascents waiting for you. Experts will have fun too, as there are waiting not only a beautiful route, but also amazing views into the alpine world of the Hohe Tauern.

The way to the Trauner Alm

"Let's get started" directly at the Hotel Lampenhäusl. After the breakfast gives us the right energy we "roll" to the southern part of Fusch, where the Großglockner High Alpine Road begins its ascent. We follow the road until we reach the toll station in Ferleiten, where we turn right and follow the gravel road towards the Tauernhaus Ferleiten. Now starts one of the most beautiful roads and MTB tours of the entire region into the Käfer valley. A nice gravel road, never steep and never difficult to ride and it takes us in the heart of the Hohe Tauern.

The route through the Käfer valley takes us along the fishing waters of the Fuscher Ache. After a few hundred "beautiful" meters in the valley, we take a left turn and find the route towards the Trauner Alm. After a few turns we reach the Trauner Alm after about 704 vertical meters. Now it is time for taking a rest. For the way back we take the exact same route and look forward to a fresh Radler in the Hotel Lampenhäusl

Mountainbike tour-fact-box

28 kilometers
Vertical meters uphill:
approx. 690 hm
approx. 2 h 47 min
Difficulty uphill:
no technical challenges
Difficulty downhill:
no technical challenges, no trails, just wide gravel roads
First tarmac, later it turns into a gravel road
Stopps and relaxation:
The Oberstatteralm is a beautiful stop on your way back

Don't miss this in your mountainbike backpack:

  • First aid kit - for the fast help
  • Extra tube, mini-tool and tire leavers
  • Enough to drink (bottle or camelbak)
  • Snack and something to eat (nutrition is crucial)
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for bad weather
  • Helmet on your head - gloves for your fingers
  • Tour information and cycling map
  • Mobile telefon and emergency numbers from the hotel
  • Camera and binocular for amazing views
  • Tell the reception about your plans ans where you're going

Stephan's TIPP - mountainbikers know more:

Stephan's TIPP - mountainbikers know more:
Here's a TIPP by the mountainbike expert

The tour to the Trauner Alm is a great tour in order to get confident wit the region around the Hotel Lampenäusl. You need not expect any technical difficulties or tricky trails. What the tour is good for, you will want much more of it. So hopefully, you have some more days in the region and can ride a few more tours.

If you are looking for a great stopp on your way back, we can recommend the Oberstattalm in Ferleiten, which you can reach easily via a narrow gravel road just bevor you reach Ferleiten. Leave the bike for a moment and take a look around. The Käfer valley is beautiful and you can make amazing "bike % hike" tours, like the one to the Schwarzenberghütte for example.

Cu soon on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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