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Roadbike tours

Come with us on roadbike tour around the Hotel Lampenhäusl

"You can hear the wind in your ears. The thin tires speed over the tarmac of the Großglockner High Alpine Road. How many curves have to be done, until we reach the top? Curve after curve the road leads up towards the Fuscher Törl. On top of the tour we enjoy the views, bevore we speed down the famous road again. Too steep? Our region offers a variaty of easier tours, it does not have to be the Großglockner!"


Großglockner "King"

You are a real roadbiker? So you do have to climb the Großglockner High Alpine road once in a lifetime. At the Fuscher Törl of 2.430 meters is the finish of the "Glockner King", the yearly roadbike event in the region. The Hotel Lampenhäusl is located right next to the famous alpine road and you can start right away!

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Lofer tour

Lofer tour

A long, very nice tour through the most beautiful regions between the Pinzgau and Tirol. The tour takes you through beautiful villages and cities, but there are also mountains around Saalfelden, Lofer and Leogang waiting for you - beautiful landscape, how you expect it ...

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Dienten - Hochkönig tour

Dienten - Hochkönig tour

No question, this is our definition of a complete roadbike tour. Beautiful roads, amazing ascents, steep roads, speedy descents. On top of this, there are amazing views in the mountains of the region. Welcome to the Hochkönig tour to Dienten ...

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Kitzbühel tour

Kitzbühel tour

The Kitzbüheler Horn is well known by ambitious roadbikers. Well known from the Austrian national roadbike event the "Österreich Radrundfahrt", the Kitzbüheler Horn is the center of this tour. You do not have to climb this steep ascent though. You can enjoy this tour from the valley too. There are numerous attractions apart from that ...

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