Packages and offers

On this page you can find all the offers and packages of the hotel Lampenhäusl in the region Großglockner-Zellersee

The hotel Lampenhäusl offers a huge variety of service and packages. In our region the guests have lots of possibilities to spend their time with sports and action and to life their holidays. There is no time left to organize every single trip and every single adventure in advance.

Therefore Isabella and Sepp of the hotel Lampenhäusl have put together a huge variety of packages and offers concerning your holidays. Take your time with the planning of your vacation and try to find the right thing for you. All at one glance - and all for good times in the hotel Lampenhäusl in the region Großglockner-Zellersee.

  • Summer 2019 from € 395,--
  • Summer 2019 from € 145,--
  • Summer 2019 from € 199,--
  • December 2019 from € 559,--
  • Winter 2019 - 2020 from € 590,--
  • Spring 2020 from € 559,--