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Fly fishing - holiday in Hotel Lampenhäusl at Fuscher Ache

It is early in the morning. The sun is low and creates long shadows over the fly fishing waters Fuscher Ache. The river is calm and clear - just the right time for fly fishing. A dry fly skillfully on the water placed to drift. It will not take long and a trout is interested for the fly. The decide for catching a fish is now the talent and experience of the fisher.

Like this is a beautiful start, fly fishing day at the Fuscher Ache.
This wonderful fishing waters located within the National Park Hohe Tauern, at the beginning of the Grossglockner massif. The Fuscher Ache is a 28 km long river and start in middle of the mountains in the Käfertal. The Fuscher Ache has the highest water quality and is being called the "Pearl of the Hohe Tauern".

The Hotel Lampenhäusl, located directly on the Fuscher Ache, is the ideal starting point for your fishing holiday. In the morning, a quick look out of the window is enough to convince yourself of the water quality. Especially for our fishermen we offer a drying room for the equipment, cooling and freezing facilities for the catch and the possibility to let our kitchen team prepare the fish you have caught yourself according to your wishes. Afterwards you can end the eventful day in our garden surrounded by trees.

The origin of the Fuscher Ache is located in Käfertal, a breathtakingly beautiful mountain valley, in the middle of more 3,000 m peaks of the Hohe Tauern. When you fish in the Käfertal in the face of the Hohe Tauern, you know what quality of life is. Especially in the first section of our waters you found the Danube burly primeval trout. The water of the Fuscher Ache seeks its way over gravel banks, large stones, through dams, past shady trees and confluence of smaller tributaries, to the end of the Fuscher Ache.

Fishing regulations

Fly fishing section The whole river
Harvesting section From the confluence of the Fuscher Ache with the Salzach to the Trauneralm bridge (Käfertal)
Fly fishing Without exception only allowed with fly fishing equipment with single hooks (barbs press shut)
Fishing season In the Fuscher Ache from 1 st April to 31 st October, Käfertal from the Tauernhaus bridge (near the toll station) from 1 st April to 30 th September
Fishing time From 6:00 am to 9:00 pm
Day permits Starting at 16 years of ageonly with a sport fishing certificate and a day or week fishing license of the State Fisheries Association
Harvesting 2 salmonids per day ticket may be taken daily within the framework of closed seasons and minimum length measurements.
Rainbow trout and brook char have no closed season and may be taken from the fish harvesting section.

Closed and off season minimum length measurements

Brook trout 01.10. until 01.03. & minimum length from 35 cm
Rainbow no closed season & minimum length from 30 cm
Brook char no closed season & minimum length from 30 cm
Graylings whole year closed seasons

The legal regulations apply to all other fish species according to the Federal State Fisheries Association.


From the bridge Tauernhaus in Ferleiten downstream to the confluence of the "Fuscher Ache" in the "Salzach" in Bruck Dry fly
  Wet fly
In the Käfertal from the bridge Tauernhaus upstream Dry fly
  Wet fly


::     Fishing in any tributary streams is prohibited
::     Fishing from any bridges or dams
::     Starting at the barrier in Ferleitental, driving is prohibited without exception for driving with the own motor vehicle.
::     Parking in meadows and fields (only park in designated parking areas)
::     Holding living fishes
::     Bobber and float ball


::     When meadows and pastures always the shortest way to the water and search as far as possible the same track back.
::     There is daily compulsory documentation for all fish caught, for all fish caught during the closed season and the undersized
       fish (that were released) as well as trophy fish. Fishing in the harvesting section, must be stopped immediately
       when reaching the daily limit.
::     The fish caught in the harvesting section are to be immediately registerd


Sudden gushes of water can occur near the dams and power!!!

You will been informed about the fishing regulations and about any kind of dangers, resulzing from water fluctuatins from the power
plant (Bärenwerk) in Fusch (hight waters) as well as various dam controls - reservoir in Ferleiten and dam 1,  dam 2 Hermann & Müller
power plant in Bruck.

Prices Summer 2022

Day fishing permit (Harvesting 2 salmonids) € 70,--
Day fishing permit for guests in the hotel Lampenhäusl (Harvesting 2 salmonids) € 50,--
3-day fishing permit for guests in the hotel Lampenhäusl (Harvesting on 2 days, per day 2 salmonids) € 100,--
6-day fishing permit for guests in the hotel Lampenhäusl (Harvesting on 4 days, per day 2 salmonids) € 200,--
State fishing Association licence per day € 7,--
State fishing Association licence for 1 week € 13,50

Day fishing permit only valid in conjunction with a license fron the state fishing association.


A guide can also be booked to instruct you about the specifics of the Fuscher Ache.
He will also show you one or the other special spot where there are beautiful, strong brown trout.

per hour
€ 25,--
per day approximately 5 hours
€ 100,--

(Guiding bookable with more then 3 days lead time, subject to availability)

Webcam Fuscher Ache

And last but not least convinced about yourself on the water quality from the Fuscher Ache.
Take a look through our webcam.

Make a good catch - See you soon in the Hotel Lampenhäusl

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We look forward to take care of your concerns


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