With the roadbike to the Großglockner

Every roadbiker treams about it - come ans start today

You are a real roadbiker? So you do have to climb the Großglockner High Alpine road once in a lifetime. At the Fuscher Törl of 2.430 meters is the finish of the "Glockner King", the yearly roadbike event in the region. The Hotel Lampenhäusl is located right next to the famous alpine road and you can start right away!

The way to the Großglockner

We start literally "inside" the hote. The Lampenhäusl is located right next to the famous Großglockner High Alpine Road. After a delicious breakfast we start. At the beginning, the route is good to get warm - after the, you better be warm. The road gets steeper and there are "a couple" of vertical meters ahead of us.

Turn after turn we are riding towards the top. The higher we get, the more impressive the views into the Hohe Tauern become. Wiesbachhorn, Hohe Dock and some more famous names watch us on our way to the mountains. At the Fuschertörl we have the choice. We can climb up the Edelweißspitze, where we will have the first view to the Großglockner or we can keep on riding towards the Hochtor and cross the border to Carinthia. We could even ride down the Carinthian side towards Heiligenblut or watch the Großglockner and its glaciers from the Franz-Josef-Höhe.

Roadbike tour fact-box

Roadbike tour DIFFICULT
43 kilometers uphill & downhill
Vertical meters uphill:
approx. 1.750 meters
approx. 4 - 5 h
Difficulty uphill:
STEEP- a heavy peace of a climb for a roadbike tour, but a classic
Difficulty downhill:
Be careful on your brakes - steep turns and much traffic
You need to be in good shape in order to have fun. Beginners can take an e-bike
Stopps & refreshments:
Stopp for a beer at the Edelweißspitze - amazing views into the mountains

Roadbike tour CHECK-LIST:

  • First aid kit - for the fast help
  • Extra tube, mini-tool and tire leavers
  • Enough to drink - (Iso-Drinks)
  • Snack and food - (nutrition is crucial)
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for bad weather
  • Helmet on your head - gloves on your fingers
  • Tour information and cycling map
  • Mobile phone and emergency numbers from the hotel
  • Camera for the best views in the region
  • Tell the reception about your plans and where you're going!


A TIPP from Heli:

Heli, the roadbike-expert in the Hotel Lampenhäusl
Here's a TIPP by the roadbike expert

The tour to the Großglockner is a classic. If you have the power, you really should do that. If you do not want to do all the kilometers and vertical meters, take an e-bike - it is much easier than. We are happy to help you with the organisation of an e-bike.

As soon as you arrive at the Fuschertörl, you'll have all sorts of opportunities. Keep on riding to the Hochtor or the Franz-Josef-Höhe. The views to the mountains and the the Pasterzen-glacier are not just amazing, they are famous too. Or you keep on riding towards Heiligenblut. We can organize shuttle-busses, which bring you back to the Hochtor. 

Real experts expand their trip to the Carinthian side or to Osttirol and take the Felbertauern-road back to Salzburg. In this case, your tour will be much longer and you will be looking forward to the Hotel Lampenhäusl and the hot sauna.

Cu on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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