Summer active

Sports, adventure, fun and relaxation in an active summer in the hotel Lampenhäusl in the region Großglockner-Zellersee.

You like to spend your summer active and in nature? Than our region is the right destination for you and your family. The hotel Lampenhäusl is located right inside the village of Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße. Fusch is part of the region Großglockner-Zellersee and therefore is right at the entrance of the nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

With boots and poles

A look around in the region of Fusch opens your eyes for the huge variety of possibilities in your vacation. Those of you who prefer the mountains, will be very happy in our region. Friends of running tracks, hiking trails or climbing spots find exactly what they were looking for.

With bicycle and bike

Friends of biking and cycling are also more than welcome in our region - we have outstanding conditions for mountainbiking, cycling and roadbiking. If you prefer “off road” you will find an amazing mountainbike region with many tracks, routes and trails in all different levels. If roadbiking is your thing, you should check out the world famous Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. The route up to the Fuscher Törl is amazing and every roadbiker should do the Großglockner once in a lifetime.

Motorized and with less effort

There is also a much easier way up to the Großglockner - without sweat and pain. Take your car or be really fast and take the motorcycle up the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. You will look really surprised as soon as you reach the high elevation of the Fuscher Törl and you see the mountains, glaciers and peaks of the Hohen Tauern. Say hi to the Großglockner - you will get pretty close to it.

It is up to you how you spend your summer - active and exhausting, or comfortable with the entire family. The only important thing is, that you come to the region Großglockner-Zellersee and choose the hotel Lampenhäusl as your destination. Than you will have a real great time in your holidays.

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