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Rossfeldstraße - Dietnersattel

Motorcycle trip over road passes and through two countries

In terms of landscape this round trip is amazing and takes us into two countries. Along the route there is much to see and enjoy. The route leads to the amazing beauty and natural and historic heritage of the region of the Salzburger Land. View to the Hochkönig, panorama over the Königssee and some historic villages are included.

The way to the Rossfeld

The trip starts from Fusch in direction Zell am See and further in direction Saalfelden and Lofer. After you’ve crossed the German border, there is a right turn in direction Berchtesgaden. Ride another 8 km and visit the Königssee - it’s worth the extra miles. The view over the famous lake is amazing and there are a few nice cafes and bars there.

Back on the route you pass the city of Berchtesgaden. After anouther 3 km, you will find the turn to the Rossfeld. You have to pay a road toll, but there are amazing views to the Berchtesgadener Land and the Salzburger Flachgau to be enjoyed. 14 turns, 26 km distance, on top of 1.540 m above sealevel, before the routes turns downhill in direction Markshellenberg.

Towards Bad Dürrenberg and Hallein the route follows the major roads - always straight ahead. Make sure you do not get distracted by the many narrow turns. In Hallain there is the next left-turn in direction Kuchl and Golling. We do not take the highway. Along the B 159 you reach Bischofshofen, where some more joy is waiting. 40 km amazing road takes you into the world of the Hochkönig. No toll, 8 turns, up to 1.357 m above sealevel. If there is some time left, turn right in Mühlbach and follow the road to the Arthurhaus - amazing pasture-highlands with the Hochkönig in the back. The tour moves on in towards Dienten and Taxenbach back to Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße OR you enjoy more Pinzgau-roads and take the way back over the Filzensattel, Maria Alm, Saalfelden and Zell am See.

Motorcycling tour fact-box

Best time:
Spring - fall. Dry roads are a huge advantage
219 km
Vertical meters:
approx. 3.080 m
Plan a day trip for maximum of joy
Views from the Rossfeld into the Berchtesgadener Land. Hochkönig-view
Road surface:
All over really nice tarmac, perfect for motorcycling
Combinations: Königssee behind Berchtesgaden. Check the way back over the Filzensattel Stopps & rest areas:
Cafes & restaurants at the Königssee. Berchtesgaden not bad too. Stopp & view in Dienten
Traffic information by the Austrian auto, motorbike and touring club

Important information for your motorcycling trip

  • Take rests and enjoy - it's a long route
  • Don't forget your camera - great pictures
  • Unload your bike - leave the luggage in the hotel
  • Have you checked your bike, bevor you took off?
  • Check tire pressure, tire-wear, oil, brake-fluid, chain
  • Use the Lampenhäusl garage for some random checks and repairs
  • Vary your sitting position during a trip
  • Eat light - a full stomache reduces fun
  • Check weather forecast and traffic information
  • Have fun and return safely to the Hotel Lampenhäusl
TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more
Here is a short TIPP by our motorcycling expert

TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more:

This trip is an amazing round trip into our “neighborhood”. Amazing landscape varies with narrow roads and sporty road-sections. TAKE CARE - is the motto between Saalfelden and Lofer - the 100 km/h speed limit you should definitely keep in mind. New radar boxes wait for you.

Take your time and find your way to the Königssee. A variety of restaurants, cafes and ice-cream-shops are inviting during summer. On the road from Berchtesgaden over Bad Dürrenberg you must not speed. A few narrow turns are tricky and orientation is easily lost. But with our road-map on the website this route should not be any problem.

Whatever you plan or do, make sure you come back to the Hotel Lampenhäusl safely. The sauna is already hot and in the kitchen we prepare delicious meals for you. Even your bike deserves a rest after this long trip. In our Lampenhäusl-garage we offer everything you need, in order to care for your motorcycle.

See you on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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