Sauna area

Relaxing and enjoying in the hotel Lampenhäusl in the region Großglockner-Zellersee right next to the nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

You took off right in the morning, while the others kept on sleeping. The hike up to the Imbachhorn was hard and exhausting - now your muscles are sore …

Afternoon is the right time for a roadbike-trip up the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. You made it up to the Fuscher Törl. After the sunset you returne downhill - now you feel really cold …

You’ve just had an amazing skiing day on the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See. It was blistering cold and apart from the stunning views, you can feel every single muscle inside your body …

What you need now is a sauna or a infrared chamber. Good for you that the hotel Lampenhäusl is your holiday destination. When you return from sports, the mountains or the skiing slopes Sepp has already heated the sauna and is expecting you in the Lampenhäusl relax-area.

Heat for body and soul

The Finnish sauna is not just really hot - it activates important body-functions like the circulation of blood ar the blood pressure. In the infrared chamber you can preserve your skin. The temperature is not as high as in the sauna - you get warm from the inside. The Bio-sauna offers heat up to 60 or 75 °C and a humidity of up to 40 percent.

Sunlight for body and mind

The Lampenhäusl solarium is nice to have. Not just, that a nice tan is attractive - sunlight stimulates the hormone system and the immune system. If you did sports and are exhausted go and ask for a massage. You muscles will thank it to you and can go out there again the next day. The hotel Lampenhäusl and it’s relax- and SPA area is the right place for your. We care for you and your muscles so you can enjoy every single day in our region Großglockner-Zellersee.

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