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Mountainbike and roadbike

Cycling, mountainbike or roadbike trips around the hotel Lampenhäusl in Fusch in the region "Bruck Fusch Grossglockner".

Turn after turn the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße winds up the mountain and makes head against bikers and roadbikers. The cold air in the morning hurts inside the lungs - it is exhausting. The steepness of the road and the gear ratio of the roadbike is not the only breathtaking thing here - the view and the panorama are breathtaking too. The goad is near and the finish line at the Fuscher Törl looks reachable - we made it. Just one picture with the mountains and get ready for the downhill.

On tour with the roadbike

This sounds like an abstract from the life of a roadbiker who just cycled up the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. Together with hundreds of other cyclists he crowned himself “Glocknerkönig”, which means “king of the Glockner”. Every year the roadbike-race “Glocknerkönig” attracts roadbikers from all over Europe, who want to cycle up the Großglockner. But, it need to be the Großglockner Alpine road right from the start, our region offers a variety of easier and amazing other roadbike tours. Try the Lofer tour or the tour to Kitzbühel. On the roadbike tour to Dienten and to the Hochkönig you can enjoy amazing mountain views and beautiful alpine roads.

Roadbike our mountainbike - it's up to you

No need for a special race-event. Every biker or roadbiker can bike up there, no matter which kind of bike you use. If you bring you mountainbike and want to bike more offroad, we have good conditions as well. Take your bike up the Bruckberg and gain lots of nice views and a cool single trail. Nice views you can also have on a bike trip inside the Sulzbachtal, to the Trauneralm or to Bad Fusch. For some years it became almost legendary to bike up to the Hundstein, high above the lake Zell. The uphill is hard, but the view is amazing and the downhill is great.

Not only super sport

Those of you who think: the region is only for experts and super fit bikers, is wrong. On the Tauernradweg every cyclist can have fun. Besides, there you can find nice views and stunning panoramas too. If you want to take it easy on your bike, but still want to try the Großglockner, go and rent an E-bike. If you have troubles on tour or do not find your way back - no problem, only a phone call and we pick you up.

You see, the cycle- and bikeregion "Bruck Fusch Grossglockner" has lots to offer for all kinds of bikers. The hotel Lampenhäusl has a strategic location and is a real good base-camp for biking- and cycling trips all over the region. But, see for yourself.
We look forward to meeting you soon in the hotel Lampenhäusl.

Tours with the roadbike

Tours with the roadbike

"You can hear the wind in your ears. The thin tires speed over the tarmac of the Großglockner High Alpine Road. How many curves have to be done, until we reach the top? Curve after curve the road leads up towards the Fuscher Törl. On top of the tour we enjoy the views, bevore we speed down the famous road again. Too steep? Our region offers a variaty of easier tours, it does not have to be the Großglockner!"

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Tours with the Mountainbike

Tours with the Mountainbike

"The sun is shining, it is summer and the mountains are beautiful. The mountainbike tour starts early in the morning. After a good breakfast in the Hotel Lampenhäusl we have enough energy, to go on one of the most impressive MTB tours in the region. Nice ascent through forests, a relaxing stop on the top and after that a speedy descent over amazing gravel roads and trails - "check out" our mountainbike tours around the Hotel Lampenhäusl."

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