Mountainbike tour to the Hundstein

Long climb, steep spots, but amazing views & panoramas

A tour for mountainbike experts. Very long, steep - only riders who are in really good shape will have lots of fun on this tour. Or you sit on an e-bike. 46,61 km and 1.390 vertical meters are not very easy going. But the tour offers great views into the valley and over the lake Zell. Taking a rest in the Statzerhaus on top of the Hundstein is legendary.

The way to the Hundstein

The tour to the Hundstein starts exactly like the tour to the Erlhofplatte. We ride to Bruck on the bike path and take a right after the bridge in Bruck. After a few hundred meters we find the turn towards the Taxhof on the left side. We gain elevation quickly on tarmac and find some nice views over the Fuscher valley and the Hohe Tauern.

At the hightest point of the Erlhofplatten tour some of you might wish, this was the Hundstein already. It is not though. We take a right turn and follow the signs towards the Hundstein. Steep, steep and steeper the gravel road takes us up the mountain, before it flattens out a bid and gets easier to ride. Steadily in direction to the Hundstein and at a certain point we can see the finish line - the peak of the Hundstein.

Not quite there - there is more to ride. The last 300 vertical meters are hard. We take a nice trail to the left and follow towards the mountain. Some of you will push the bike up the trail to the left of the mountain, until we meet the gravel road, which comes from Maria Alm. Now the finish at the Statzerhaus is in sight and we are almost there. Take a rest in the Statzerhaus - this was a hell of a ride.

Mountainbike tour-fact-box

46 kilometers
Vertical meters uphill:
approx. 1.400 hm
approx. 6 - 7 h
Difficulty uphill:
steep spots are hard to ride. Trail to the top is tricky to ride on
Difficulty downhill:
The downhill on the trail is amazing. Later you'll ride on a nice gravel road
First tarmac, later it turns into a gravel road and the final is on a trail
Stopps and relaxation:
Summit-stop at the Statzerhaus. If you take the descent to Thumersbach, check out the lake Zell cafes

Don't miss this in your mountainbike backpack:

  • First aid kit - for the fast help
  • Extra tube, mini-tool and tire leavers
  • Enough to drink (bottle or camelbak)
  • Snack and something to eat (nutrition is crucial)
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for bad weather
  • Helmet on your head - gloves for your fingers
  • Tour information and cycling map
  • Mobile telefon and emergency numbers from the hotel
  • Camera and binocular for amazing views
  • Tell the reception about your plans ans where you're going

Stephan's TIPP - mountainbikers know more:

Stephan's TIPP - mountainbikers know more:
Here's a TIPP by the mountainbike expert

A real classic tour in the region of the Pinzgau. The tour to the Hundstein you should really try, if you are a mountainbiker with ambitions. BUT it is not the easiest one. You need some power and endurance in order to reach the top at the Statzerhaus - it's gonna be steep. At the flat road towards the summit ascent, do not speed, save some energy for the final climb.

After a stop in the Statzerhaus on top of the Hundstein, you'll have the choice. Take the same way back and find your way back to Bruck and to Fusch. Or you take the gravel road down to Thumersbach and check out some nice spots at the lake Zell. You might deserve a jump in the lake after that tour. The beach cafes are very nice and you'll find some cool drinks and good snacks. The way back to Fusch is similar to the one after the Erlhofplatte. In the Hotel Lampenhäusl the Sauna is waiting - good for your legs.

Cu soon on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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