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Großglockner - Nockalmstraße

Nationalpark tour from the Hohen Tauern in Salzburg to the Nockberge in Carinthia

This beautiful motorcycling-tour takes us from the Hohen Tauern in the Salzburger Land directly into one of the most impressive nature landscapes of Carinthia. First of all we "cruise" through our "backyard", the Hohe Tauern national park and over the world famous Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. After you've checked out the stunning 3.000 meter peaks, the Nockalmstraße is waiting and offers real curve-highlights for nature friends.

The way to Carinthia and back

The route starts directly at the Hotel Lampenhäusl. After a long breakfast you're ready to go. The tour starts with the motorcycling highlight of our region right away - the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße. Do not use all your rubber - you might need some on the Nockalmstraße. This stunning road is found in the neighboring county of Carinthia. Before you reach pure nature, you will cruise along the shore of the Millstätter-lake. Summer feeling can start right now. Take a stop at a beach bar or take a rest in a nice cafe, before you leave civilization.

Endless nice turns take you over the Nockalmstraße to the Nockberge national park, until you reach the village of St. Michael in the northern part of the Lungau. From there you come across the famous ski-resort Obertauern, which is more popular in winter, until you reach the city of Radstadt. From there it is better to take the route over Wagrain, as there is less traffic, than in the Salzach valley around Bischofshofen. After another 30 minutes ride you'll reach Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße again and the Hotel Lampenhäusl.

Motorcycling tour fact-box

Best time:
Starts May, as soon as the Großglockner Hochalpenstraße opens
336 km
Vertical meters:
approx. 5.510 m
Day trip - pan enough time for it
Stunning views to the Großglockner and the Nockberge-mountains
Road surface:
All over really nice tarmac, perfect for motorcycling
Combinations: Villacher Alpenstraße, Turracher Höhe, Hochkönig - Watzmann tour Stopps & rest areas:
Numerous stopps along the alpine-roads. Nice cafes at the Millstätter lake
Traffic information by the Austrian auto, motorbike and touring club

Important information for your motorcycling trip

  • Take rests and enjoy - it's a long route
  • Don't forget your camera - great pictures
  • Unload your bike - leave the luggage in the hotel
  • Have you checked your bike, bevor you took off?
  • Check tire pressure, tire-wear, oil, brake-fluid, chain
  • Use the Lampenhäusl garage for some random checks and repairs
  • Vary your sitting position during a trip
  • Eat light - a full stomache reduces fun
  • Check weather forecast and traffic information
  • Have fun and return safely to the Hotel Lampenhäusl
TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more
Here is a short TIPP by our motorcycling expert

TIPP by Milan - our motorcycling expert knows more:

Take your time for this outstanding trip from the Hohe Tauern to the Nockberge. The natural beauty is amazing. Take some breaks and enjoy the panoramas. Do not forget to take pictures. If you have an action cam, you better capture the ride through nature on a video.

For me, the nice view points are highlights along this trip. The Edelweißspitze for example is good for a stop. If you have some time, take the turn to the Franz Josef Höhe. In Carinthia the shore of the Millstätter lake is good for some stops. Turn off the engine, open the leather-vest and let the sunshine in. Real "enjoyers" do the trip on two days. Numerous nice hotels and pensions in Carinthia are inviting to stay over night.

Whatever you plan or do, make sure you come back to the Hotel Lampenhäusl safely. The sauna is already hot and in the kitchen we prepare delicious meals for you. Even your bike deserves a rest after this long trip. In our Lampenhäusl-garage we offer everything you need, in order to care for your motorcycle.

See you on tour - we look forward to your visit!

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