Camping at the hotel Lampenhäusl in Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße - the gateway to the nationalpark Hohe Tauern in the region Großglockner-Zellersee.

Fusch is not a real big village and the valley is not as wide as other valleys. Although we are keen to share our space with a couple of campers from all over the world. Right next to the hotel Lampenhäusl we offer a nice, cozy and familial campground. On more than 6.000 squaremeters we offer about 36 campsites and everything that should be part of a real alpine camping experience.

Much comfort but still “outdoors”

What is the best thing about camping? That you have everything with and on you. If you spend your holidays in our region you really should take lots of things with you. Especially because our region is famous for lots of activities and adventures. Take your bikes, hiking shoes, hiking poles, even kayaks and many other things with you. If you miss anything during your camping-vacation in the hotel Lampenhäusl - not a big thing. We offer full access to all amenities of the hotel. We rent bikes and various other sport-equipment, we even have a tiny shop for your every day wants and needs.

Not only tents and caravans

You like camping and the life outdoors but are not a big fan of living in tents or caravans and you do not want to bring all your stuff? Perfect. The hotel Lampenhäusl owns a “mobile home” you can rent during your stay. If you want to camp in real “American style” we offer our mobile home for rent. On 40 squaremeters 6 persons find all the amenities of a hotel room, but still with the right camping-feeling.

There is always the right time for a camping holiday in the hotel Lampenhäusl. Our campground is ready for you, your family and friends. The only thing is, when you camp, you will not know the true promise of our cozy and comfortable hotel rooms. Anyway, the Nindl family and the entire team of the hotel Lampenhäusl look forward to meeting you soon.

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