The "Bachischneid" for christmas

von Josef Nindl

From the "Bachitag", the "Bachischneid" and many other traditions in the region of Pinzgau

Our home region, the Pinzgau, is full of precious traditions and old customs. But you should not believe, that all these traditions are without any sense. Many people in our region think, that old traditions are very important to all of us and many of them are lived throughout the year. Especially nowadays, as daily life becomes more and more hectic and stressfull, it is good to think about old traditons and try to revitalize some of them. At least, that's what we do in the Hotel Lampenhäusl in Fusch.

Dezember 24th, "Bachitag" a "cutting edge" date

An old tradition in the Pinzgau says, that you should sharpen the edges of all your knifes, scissors and other cutters on the "Bachitag"December 24th. If you do so, the edge stays very sharp much longer and is called "Bachischneid". In the old days, all the edges of all cutters were sharpened on Dezember 24th. The main reason for that was, that the people needed good edges on their knifes and scissors during the christmas days. The work over christmas was hard in the cold winter. People needed a dish, which gave stength and power. Therefore, people used to serve the traditional "Bachikoch". The Bachikoch is a very simple, but filling dish made of milk, flower, butter and salt - delicious with a little bit of honey on top of it. Nowadays many families in the Pinzgau like to serve the Bachikoch as a traditional christmas dish for the entire family. More Information on the Bachikoch you'll find in the SalzburgerLand Magazin.

And we sharpen the edges of our skis

Don't get us wrong. We definitely also sharpen the edges of our knifes on the christmas- or Bachitag. BUT especially in the Lampenhäusl ski rental, where you can see our service station with the funny name Berta, we sharpen the edges of all our skis during Dezember 24th. Edges of skis and snowboards, which are sharpened on the 24th of December are especially durable and skiers and snowboarders can rely on them 100%. Sharp ski- & board edges are the base for amazing days of sking around the hotel Lampenhäusl close to the Kitzsteinhorn-glacier and the Schmittenhöhe ski resort in the region Zell am See - Kaprun.

We grind, until the grindstone starts to glow

Come and visit us on december 24th, on the Bachitag in the Hotel Lampenhäusl ski rental & service and we sharpen the edges of your skis and snowboards. Everybody is welcome - locals, guestes, friends - even worldclass skiers, who need super sharp edges. We grind them all and we look forward to your visit - we like to wish you merry christmas. We do care for dry throats too - the Bachitag is the start of the christmas time. As soon as your skis and snowboards are ready to go, we would like to have a few drinks with you at the Lampenhäusl-Bar and we look forward to a happy christmas time in the Pinzgau.

We really look forward to your visit and we wish all of you merry christmas and a very wonderful "Bachitag"

Cu soon in the Hotel Lampenhäusl

Your Sepp


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