SummerNightFestivals in Zell am See

von Josef Nindl

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What, it's Wednedsay again? It is time again for a SummerNightFestival in Zell am See! Everybody looks forward to Wednesdays, especially in July and August, when the old town of Zell am See is a place for a huge party. Locals, visitors and tourists look forward to Wednesday night, when Zell am See turns into a party town.

Warm summer nights & festive athmosphere

Real Pinzgau tradition and folklore meet international sounds from pop, jazz, blues to exotic rhythms. When the pedestrian area of Zell am See transforms into a party zone, no one can be quite any more, locals and holidaymakers from around the world alike. Beside music, dance and internationals sounds, it is especially the food and traditional specialities, which attract hungry visitors. Look forward to the best "Pinzgau" delicacies and specialities from all over the world, which are served at the SummerNightFestival in Zell am See.

20 years of SummerNightFestivals

2017 is a very special year. In Zell am See we celebrate the 20. anniversary of the SummerNightFestival. Every Wednesday in summer from 7:00 p.m. we kick off the party, which lasts until midnight. Come and try from real Pinzgau "Blatln" or some other home-made-specialities. Try some good Salzburger beer or a delicious glass of Austrian wine. If you like it more exotic, get yourself a fruity cocktail, while you listen to good music, check out amazing performances or watch the funny jugglers and showmen. You'll find more details about the SummerNightFestival HERE!

Zell Lake Festival - a special highlight

Firework at the Zell lake festival © nikolaus faistauer -

On two different dates in summer, the city of Zell am See has even more to offer. Everybody from all around the Pinzgau knows and likes the Zell Lake Festivals. As soon as the party kicks off, local unions and catering companies get together and serve the best food and drinks, you can get around the lake Zell. You can be sure, that you will find pleasure, enjoyment and amazing party atmosphere. Listen to the live-music and get ready for the real highlight-event of the Zell Lake Festival: the big firework, which will lighten the skies above Zell am See and throw thousands of sparkling colors across the lake. Make sure, you do not miss the Zell Lake Festival! More details and information about the Zell Lake Festival you will find here!

Cu at the SummerNightFestival and the Zell Lake Festival in Zell am See - cu soon in the Hotel Lampenhäusl

Sepp and Isabella


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