Slope-check at the Schmittenhöhe

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The conditions are great - it's time to check out the best slopes at the Schmittenhöhe in detail.

Blue skies over the Schmittenhöhe in Zell am See

Who said, we do not have enough snow in the Zell am See - Kaprun region and that there is not good skiing on our slopes? We wanted to check out the best slopes and took our skis to the Schmittenhöhe. Since December the ski resorts around the Hotel Lampenhäusl have produced tons of man-made snow. The weather during the last couple of weeks brought some fresh natural snow. Our slopes are in perfect shape  - there is great ski sport waiting for you.

We wanted a confirmation for that and started to check out the best slopes in the ski resort Schmittenhöhe. We started early in the morning. The wax on our skis from the Lampenhäusl Ski rental was fresh, the edges were super sharp and the motivation was extra high. As we arrived at the Schmittenhöhe, we started to ride the most interesting slopes right away. Fresh snow was falling the night before and most slopes were fresh and untouched - amazing experience. Where do we start? Which slopes are especially good? Which slopes match different types of riders and riding styles?

On our way to the Schmittenhöhe Slope-check

To the Breiteckbahn for a warm up

First things first on top of the Schmittenhöhe: take a deep breath and check out the stunning 360° view. The panorama is way to beautiful to start skiing right away. For a great warm up we take the slope to the Breiteckbahn. Early in the morning, this slope is not so crowded. There is enough space for great turns - the incredible view to the mountains is included.

Amazing runs near the Kettingbahn

After that, we wanted to ride a bit steeper slopes in the area of the Ketting- and the Kapellenbahn. The skiing is a bit more demanding here. The slopes are steeper and you need to have a little more skiing-technique in order to have great fun. BUT, don't be afraid, there are no super difficult slopes waiting for you. The runs are very nice and there is enough space so everybody will find his or her individual skiing turns.

Great skiing down to the valley

After a refreshing stop in the Breiteckalm, we also checked out the most demanding ski runs in the whole Schmittenhöhe-area. The Standard-downhill takes you down to the base-station of the gondola. For this run you better be in good shape and you should bring advanced ski-technique to the hill. The ride over the Standard is fun, althougbh it is never too hard and never unrideable - a great slope for advanced riders. If you want to take it a step further, come and check out the "Trass-downhill". There, you better be a real expert skier. The slope is super steep and narrow and it takes you down to the valley straight away - you will feel the burn in your legs!

The "largest" of all ski resorts

Soon there will be even more to see. In the year 2018 the ski resort Schmittenhöhe will be connected to the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn. With 270 kilometers of slopes the skicircus already is Austria's largest ski resorts. By the connection to the Schmittenhöhe the region will grows to the largest ski resort of all times and offers a huge variety of slopes and runs. For our guests this clearly means: slope-diversity and endless winter-sport-facilities. If you want to get an impression of the dimensions of the growing ski resort, visit the Schmittenhöhe and see the construction site of the future-mountain-station.

Check out the Schmittenhöhe

LET'S GO - to the Schmittenhöhe. It is January 2016 - the best month for great skiing. We have tested our slopes and we think: conditions are already pretty good. Ok, there could be more snow. BUT snow is on it's way. This week, until next weekend the weather report predicts much snow fall throughout the entire region. Until then, you should be on your way to the Hotel Lampenhäusl. We look forward to having you as our guests. Get in contact with us now - the entire Lampenhäusl-team looks forward to welcoming you in our hotel.

See you soon in the snow, Sepp & Isabella

Find all important infos in the interactive slope-panorama of the Schmittenhöhe


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