Mountainbiketour over the Bruckerberg

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From lake-view to mountain view - with the mountainbike over the Bruckerberg

With the mountainbike over the Bruckerberg - biketour Hotel Lampenhäusl

Who wants to come to the Pinzgau and do some mountainbiking, cannot ignore the tour or route over the Bruckerberg. It is a classic and there are only a few other tours, which can offer such rich natural beauty, as the Bruckerberg does. Breathtaking nature, together with endurance-challenge and an amazing trail on the descent create an outstanding mountainbike-trip. I've done that tour last week and I have to admit: "I loved it" - read on for some detailed information ...

The tour from Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße over the Bruckerberg

I use to start this mountainbiketour directly at the Hotel Lampenhäusl. Start and end are here - there is no need for starting your car. To get started, I ride my bike on the bike-path along the road towards Bruck. At an easy speed and descent you can get used to an amazing mountainbike-day. And you better do so - near Bruck the uphill starts and you will gain elevation quickly - it is a steep gravel road.

Next to a couple of houses, the tour turns off the main road and follows a gravel road uphill - keep on following the MTB signs. If you stay on the main track and ignore the turn offs, you will pass the Haneck (1.301 m) and the Rettenbachkopf (1.436 m) and you will reach the hightes point of the tour after about 10 km. 

At the hightes point, it is time for a nice trail - first through the woods, after that it loops down an alpine meadow, before you'll reach the Judendorf Alm after about 400 vertical meters. Here, at the Ponyhof Alm you will meed some hikers for sure - the hike up the Ponyhof Alm is a popular hike for Lampenhäusl guests. After a nice stop in the Alm, the descent over the gravel road starts. Don't expect any technical difficulties - there are no tricky spots alon the way - the descent can be done easily. Take care for hikers and cattle - some of them hang out next to the road (I mean the cattle). From the community Judendorf you will reach the bike path again and there are only a few hundred meters back to the Hotel Lampenhäusl, where a fresh beer is waiting for you.

Route 3.218.287 - powered by


Best time for a ride:
From spring to fall amazing conditions. Beautiful fall-tour with amazing colors. Snow free late April - early May.
Vertical meters uphill:
Approx. 800 m
Vertical meters downhill:
Approx. 800 m
Approx. 4 - 4 1/2 hours
Difficulties uphill:
Nice gravel road - no technical difficulties expected.
Approx. 22 km
Good shape is the base - uphill not too steep, but long.
Difficulties downhill:
Trail to the Judendorfalm nice and smooth - basic trail-riding skills are nice to have.
Stunning views - first over the lake Zell, after into the alpine world of the Hohe Tauern.
Way points:
Bruck a.d. Glocknerstraße, Rettenbachkopf, Schreckkopf, Ponyhof- or Judendorfalm
Exposition Up- and downhill: North - East Parking and stopping:
Start at the Hotel Lampenhäusl. Stop at the classic Ponyhofalm.

Impressions from along the way

Do not forget on your Mountainbike-tour

  • Weather protection clothing
  • Warm and long layers
  • In case of bad weather conditions, gloves and hood, duke
  • Sun glasses, head gear
  • Sun protection for the skin
  • Enough food and drinks
  • Bike-tools, pump, spare-tube, leavers aso.
  • Information on weather forecast and weather development
  • Card material and tour information
  • Mobile, camera, binoculars
  • Telephone- and emergency numbers (Hotels, mountain rescue aso.)
  • Tell the front desk in the hotel, which tour you are planning

One more TIPP for Lampenhäusl-guests

The people in Fusch love the Bruckerberg and also the tour with the mountainbike. Weather you go on tour with or without your bike, the Ponyhofalm is a great place to stop and take a break. If the weather is hot and sunny like this summer, stop at the lake Zell before you go on tour. You can cool down and start your tour more relaxed.

In summer, start your tour early. Than it is not as hot as during the day - the major part of the uphill is sun-exposed and outside of the forest. Therefore, nothing can stop you from staring at the great views into the surrounding mountains. the Mountainbike-tour to the Bruckerberg is not only for summer-season - I am in the Lampenhäusl quite often and have done the route in Fall too. After summer, you will find amazing colors in the forest - especially if there has already fallen some snow in the mountains, than the scenery is outstanding and unforgettable.

Have much fun doing the mountainbike-tour to the Bruckerberg - who knows, maybe we will meet up there! 

A happy Lampenhäusl-guest


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