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Hiking in autumn - the most beautiful time of the year

von Josef Nindl

Starten auch Sie auf die attraktivsten Herbstwanderungen rund um Zell am See-Kaprun

Golden fall - the fest time of the year for hiking © zellamsee-kaprun.com

"It is early in the morning. The air is fresh and the sun fights for it's position on the beautiful autumn day. As we start our hike in the valley, there is still fog around the Fuscher Ache creek and moist sets on the outer layers of our clothes. Meter by meter we climb higher in the Sulzbach valley and soon we leave the fog. We step towards the sun and it is time to the get rid of our outer layers. Get out the camera, take a sip from our bottle and keep on hiking toward the sky ..."

Does that sound like a hiking dream to you?

When the shadows grow longer, the sun sets early and the forests and trees changes their colors, it is the best time of the year for scenic hikes around Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße. Between Zell am See-Kaprun and the Hohe Tauern National Park you will find amazing hikes at this time of autumn. You can decide on your own, which hiking program you would like to choose:

Easy and flat along the beautiful valleys or steep towards the mountains. Be ware this time of the year, as you can find snowy conditions on your hikes, if you approach the high peaks. A good alternative: take the Porsche-Design-Gondola to the Schmittenhöhe and find a direct getaway to the most beautiful hikes you can imagine - including the best view to the highest peaks of the Hohe Tauern.

Our TOP 10 hikes in autumn

  1. At the Pinzauer Spaziergang - amazing hike with a great view

  2. From Fusch to the Sulzbachtal - scenic pasture and natural beauty

  3. To the Buckerberg - great view over the lake and the mountains

  4. Panorama path at the Schmittenhöhe - take the gondola up the mountain and get started

  5. From Thumersbach to the Schwalbenwand - amazing view over the mountains and the lake

  6. Hike to the Gleiwitzerhütte - from Fusch towards the Imbachhorn mountain - take care in snow!

  7. Visit the Ponyhofalm - easy family hike from Fusch - amazing food and drinks

  8. From Piesendorf to the Pinzgauerhütte - hike at the sunny side - popular view to the mountains

  9. Hike to the Walchen Hochalm - Amazing hike with a water fall - parts can be slippery!

  10. Family hike around the lake Zell - Hiking paradise over Zell am See and Thumersbach

  11. And what are your hiking-highlights in autumn?

Good times in terms of culinary ...

The time between summer and winter is one of the most interesting ones in terms of food and culinary. As soon as nature offers its fruits of hard work at the end of summer, it is time to taste the best products from our region. In the mountains, this time of the year has ever been essentially necessary to get prepared for the long and hard winter. People get ready and fill their food chambers all around. The times of Erntedank and Bauernherbst are deeply rooted in our culture and are very special times in our region. Come and taste from our products in numerous restaurants or huts or the restaurant of the Hotel Lampenhäusl. Come and enjoy!

We look forward meeting you in autumn

If your are interested in taking a few days off in autumn and having a good time with nature, activity and culinary in the Hohe Tauern, the Hotel Lampenhäusl is the right place for you. We present our best packages and offers for you and look forward welcoming you in Fusch a.d. Glocknerstraße.

We both, Sepp and Isabella are here to assist you with the best hints, tipps and tricks for your personal hiking experience in autumn. We know our region quite well and we know exactly, where you'll find the best spots, most beautiful hikes and most comfortable restaurants and huts. Cu soon in the Hotel Lampenhäusl.

Sepp & Isabella